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3045633992, 304-563-3992

Discussion in 'West Virginia Escort Reviews' started by West Virginia Escort, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Anyone who wants proof that the guy posting is a liar please contact me and I will happily send you the screen shots ts of him admitting that he won't stop posting posts and lying down whatever he can until I'm in jail or ruined for your comfortability please ask anyone who's seen me knows I wouldn't harm a fly and have been nothing but nice and good to everyone, 304-563-3992, and the warning adds of him saying I jumped out of the car well he gave y'all my Facebook so y'all can see that my mother died yesterday and I haven't done shit in 3 days, I'm sorry if you're silly enough to believe it but also you can check the email and see for yourself that it is yet him again, I will not stoop to his level of immaturity, I did however threaten to show his wife that he's scum and will eventually give her something since he has done nothing but blew me up offering huge amounts of money to see me and came up with every excuse in the world why he didn't wanna come while I did everything in my power to make him feel comfortable offering to meet him publicly and go where ever he wanted and then finally told him he needed meds and was crazy and to fuck off cause once I told him I would not see him again, he flipped and said all this stuff which is nothing but lies, I know I have all my people that will tell him hes a liar and have reassured me that they know he's full of it and those are the ones that matter I will post his number soon, I can get his name, but if someone would like to tell me who it is thru his number please do, I'll happily send you the ones where he is telling me hell never stop lying til I'm ruined and how crazy he has acted blowing me up call in me all kinds of names after I gave him so many chances even offering drugs. Threatening me he is police or has police connections has called hotels lying and is bat shit crazy. Also if you'd like to talk please text or call me I'll go out of my way to make you comfortable and can reassure you I've never jumped out of anyone's car and please tell him to use a different email address, everyday he says I beat someone up, jumped out of someone's car or am jus do in the worst well I'd like to no how my 90lb 5 foot 3 ass can take a man? Lmao crazy get a life you look so pathetic and desperate, please ask me for my proof I'd love to fight back with this crazy guy
  2. Please call or text me, haven't been on in awhile for death of a loved one and had to take some time off also Dont wanna hear people believing dumb shit, anyways I'm bored and would love to talk 304-563-3992, and to prove with screen shots none of this is true and I'm one of the nicest laid back people you could meet who does not have the heart to hurt anyone, and honestly am a little hurt that people would believe this, especially when its obvious he's out to get me and it's one person that's literally nuts. Anyways sorry for the rant but I felt like y'all wanted to know
  3. I can come to you today if you're local 3045633992
  4. I find it funny this guy is still posting about me when everyone I've talked too that's asked has seen proof he is nothing but a liar and I have not had any problems on other sites I have nothing but good things said about me and that my phones been off and have only talked to friends that I've known for awhile anyways thank you to the ones I've showed that know better and never believed him anyways if you'd like to hang out text or call me and I'll give details etc. 304-563-3992
  5. I have not posted defending myself because I'm not stooping to his level, people that have seen me have even messaged him telling him to leave me alone ad that he's a liar, and if you look into it you'll see its the same email address and same crazy guy who's jus mad that I refuse to see him after standing me up multiple times, and will not see him no matter how much money he offers, I'm sorry you're crazy, but anyways text or call me 304-563-3992
  6. Hello,sorry it's been awhile guys phones been off and I wanted to take a little break, as I've told you before and as most y'all know, the things y'all have seen is not true, its obvious its the same guy when you check the email address, I refuse to see him cause he Dont show and acts a little crazy and sketchy, and as most of you know and have seen, I told him I Dont wanna see him and that's when he started all these rumors, when anyone who's seen me knows better, I refuse to stoop to his level, that's why I haven't said much, cause I think most know better but anyways I'm free on this pretty day and am ready to hang out with some of yall, call or text me 304-563-3992 for pics and details, no nudes, no extended talk, no explicit questions, 304-563-3992
  7. Come hang out with your girl today, call or text 304-563-3992. No nudes, no explicit questions or talk, or extended texting or talking. Thanks, hope everyone has a wonderful day, I'd like to come to you if local. 304-563-3992.
  8. Hello guys, come see me today, and satisfy each other, call or text me 304-563-3992, I can come to you or you come to me. Text or call for pics and details, no explicit talk or question or extended conversations, 304-563-3992.
  9. Cone see me or I'll come to you and satisfy each other text or call for pics and details, very descrete and safe,304-563-3992
  10. If you guys believe those I will send you messages proving the guy posting those are mad because I refuse to see him and will go out of my way to make you comfortable please call or text me 3045633992
  11. I can come to you today guys but it would have to be seen call or text me 3045633992
  12. Let me come see you tonight and us both have a great night, text or call for pics and details I Dont post them for publicity reasons, no nudes, no explicit talk, serious inquiries only, 304-563-3992.
  13. Hey guys I'm mobile tonight and will come to you if you aren't too far, call or text 3045633992, serious inquiries only, no nudes or explicity, 3045633992, I'd love to see some of y'all tonight and satisfy you.
  14. Let Mr come see you tonight and pleasure you, and have a good night, im still up 3045633992
  15. Let us come satisfy you today, call or text 3045633992, for details and pictures, 2 is always better then one, no nudes, no explicit talk, serious inquiries only, 3045633992. Will send pics.
  16. Hello boys, I'd like to see y'all tonight and satisfy and pleasure you and us both benifit, call or text for pics, info, and details, I Dont post pics publicly, for personal publicity reasons, but I can come to you, no nudes, no explicit talk, and no extended texting or calls, serious inquiries only, do not waste my time, I do not like being rude but will quickly if I feel if you're not being serious, or jus want company, or conversation. 304-563-3992
  17. 3045633992 for pics qnd details.
  18. Hey guys, got a nice clean quiet place, and am available anytime, call or text 3045633992. No nudes or law enforcement, if you need a pic jus ask. Very sweet but can be blunt.
  19. Hey come see me and well have some fun, call or text 3045633992, and ill send you pics. Safe place and descreet no nudes.
  20. Hey guys come have a good time in a safe descreet place, with yours truley, text or call for info and pics, no nudes or explicit language or questions. 3045633992